1. Never be outworked. Always put in 110% of your effort and you won’t be outworked.  Steve Prefontaine said, “I’m going to work so that it’s a pure guts race at the end, and if it is, I am the only one who can win it.” Be willing to give everything that you have while competing.

2. Don’t focus on your statistics. Sometimes an off-day can throw off your statistics. So just focus on making the next day a better day.

3. Remember that being the biggest or strongest player on the course doesn’t make you a better golfer. The smarter, aggressive, prepared golfer will be better – every time! Try to be that better competitor instead!

4. Have a purpose in every practice. This will help you not go on “auto-pilot” during practices. Use your practices as a way to prepare you for competitions.

5. Stop comparing yourself to other people. Instead, compare yourself to yourself! Am I better than I was yesterday? Am I more aggressive than I was last season? This way you can track your progress in a healthy way.

6. Be thankful for the opportunity to play golf.  Competing is something you GET to do, not something you HAVE to do. It’s a big commitment but it’s worth it if you really appreciate the sport.

7. Be patient. “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” So just remember big changes or a lot of progress takes time – just hold on for the long haul!

8. Compete for yourself. Don’t drive, chip or putt for your friends or your parents. You should compete because you love it.

9. Never quit or give up. Even if you don’t win, make it really hard for the other people to win. Always put up the best fight you can.

10. Keep things in perspective. Faith, Family and Academics come before golf. At the end of the day, academics might send you to college if golf can’t. And your family is going to support you no matter what. So, remember what’s important.

**11. Train your Mindset if you want to be at your absolute best. Learn the Mindset Red Flags!

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