It’s no secret that hitting is one of the most fun parts of volleyball! We all love when we get that perfectset that we can just wail on. It’s not always easy to do, however. There are so many factors that determine how successful you will be when hitting – the set, your transition, your approach, your arm swing, your jump, your confidence level, the block on the other side of the net, and so many more! Even though all of these factors effect your hitting, we’ve identified the three key factors you should focus on when attacking. These three factors are the most important to focus on because there are components that you can control and you can put a lot of emphasis on all of them!
1. Feel confident and ready when calling for the set.This factor is super important because this really kick-starts the whole attack process for you. Feeling confident when you call for the set is necessary because you won’t be doubting your ability as you’re going for the attack. Also, at this point, you should be kicking into your instinctual mode. This means that your instincts should take over because you’ve hit a lot, so you know what to do! Feeling confident will allow you to do this. Also equally important is being readywhen you call for the set. This means that you need to transition off the net properly, have the appropriate foot forward, and quickly scan the other side of the net to identify the opponent’s potential defense and open spots. Remember that starting your hit with a good foundation is more likely to lead to a successful attack!
2. Do a powerful and well-timed approach. Your approach is what gives you the power and speed behind your attack. This step has a few components to consider: First, make sure to start your approach at the appropriate time! If you’re hitting a typical set for your position, then you’ll most likely start when the ball is at its highest point; however, if you’re hitting a quicker set then you need to adjust your approach accordingly. Second, your approach should be at least 3 to 4 steps to ensure that you have enough power behind your attack. Third, ensure that your arms are being used as much as you can – avoid doing any unnecessary movements with your arms but do make sure to really fling your arms back to help project your body upwards with your jump. Finally, make sure your final two steps are planted firmly to guarantee your jump goes up instead of forward into the net. We don’t want any net calls that will negate our awesome hit!
3. Do a full swing complete with a good snap and follow-through. You’re already feeling confident, you’ve gotten into position and completed a solid approach, now it’s time for the final step – swinging at the ball! To make sure you’re successful, you need to ensure you attack the ball at the highest point that you can – this will decrease your chances of hitting the ball into the net. However, you equally need to ensure that you snap your wrist after you contact the ball to make sure you don’t send the ball sailing out of bounds. After you’ve contacted the ball at the highest point and snapped your wrist, you need to follow-through on your swing. This is going to increase the power on your hit! However, be careful to not swing straight into the net – because nobody likes net calls! Once you’ve achieved all of these factors, then you can start really aiming for empty spots on the court or weaker defensive players!
We know that attacking is super fun – but it can also be frustrating when we can’t get it right! So, keep these three factors in mind when you’re thinking about how to attack successfully! PRO TIP: Attack with confidence, power, and accuracy! This pro tip is thanks to the #BruceLeeMindset