It’s that time of year, the postseason has arrived and is underway for many high school and college programs! If you want perform your best at this time of year, obviously physical training will play a large role, but your mindset is crucial as well. What you focus on will make a huge difference in your performance. Here are some last minute tips on how you can play your best lacrosse this postseason:


  • When in doubt, focus on the things in your control: attitude – always positive and excited to take on challenges; effort – always 100% regardless of how you feel; aggressiveness – it’s so important to start scoring early in order to mentally break your opponents right away. Continue scoring until the last whistle or directed otherwise by your coach – play to dominate, not just win!
  • Do things to make yourself feel good like extra recovery sessions, stretching, sauna, foam rolling, solid nutrition, get enough sleep every night, etc. (It’s important not to overemphasize your feelings though. No matter what you do, you still may not feel great on game day. If this is the case, find a way to fight through the discomfort – ignore it, endure it or love it!)
  • Focus on the in-game process of winning, not the outcome of winning, the magnitude of the game or who you’re playing against. – These are all factors outside of your control in the moment. Focus on small in-game process goals like executing your role each play, placing your shots well, timing your checks, etc. Go into each game with a plan based off your specific position and role on the team.
  • Have a “reset button” for the adversity situations. A reset button has two parts – a physical gesture to shock your system (deep breath, smack your helmet, bounce up and down, shake your body loose, etc.) and something you’re prepared to tell yourself in a certain situation to help you let go and refocus on the present moment. Example – if you miss a shot you can tell yourself: “Let it go, focus on the corners next time” as you smack the side of your helmet.


Implement these strategies and philosophies and you’ll be well on your way to playing some of your best lacrosse this postseason.


*Often the human mind reverts to what it’s used to in situations that can be stressful. If you need help applying any of these mental skills or focusing on the right things, reach out to Lacrosse Mindset for a free trial 1-on-1 coaching session.