Here are the 7 Cardinal Sins of Mindset in Lacrosse



  1. Indifference/Apathy – There’s no room for these doubtful feelings if you want to develop your skills and improve your performance. Always put in 110%.
  2. Stubbornness – Being stubborn means you are not coachable. Being uncoachable will make you unsuccessful. However, being open-minded will expose a new skill or technique that you would have otherwise ignored.
  3. Pride – It’s ok to be confident in yourself, but being overconfident might lead you to be obnoxious or prideful. Being prideful will lead to silly mistakes and potential embarrassment.
  4. Self-Doubt – It’s very easy to be overly critical toward yourself, especially after experiencing a loss or setback. To avoid this, focus on the positive things about yourself.
  5. Being Too Cautious– If you are too hesitant, you will miss out on opportunities and allow for the opponents to score. Be a little risky instead.
  6. Perfectionism – Be real when setting goals because you do not want to force high expectations on yourself. It is ok to make mistakes and to continually work on being a better lacrosse player. Plus, once you’re a “perfect” athlete, it’ll become boring!
  7. Over Seriousness – You should play lacrosse because you love it and enjoy the game. Being over-serious decreases the passion towards the sport and adds extra stress. At times like this, remember why you started playing lacrosse in the first place.

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Lacrosse- edited 3/24/ 2020