What pressures do you deal with? Before you can work to better yourself, it is important to first fully understand exactly what areas you are struggling with.

Take a moment and list out the top 5 situations that make your palms sweat. These don’t have to be solely reserved to on the field, either. Add in school scenarios and any other events that may make you nervous.

Do your parents put pressure on you? Do you get a knot in your stomach when you verse a particular player or team? You are not alone!

Don’t be afraid to spend time thinking of these stressors. Avoidance will cause you to feel more anxiety when the pressure situation does arise.

Once you have your list completed, take some time and recall any moments where you performed well under any of these pressure scenarios. These moments serve as reminders that pressure does not dictate performance.

Visualize each exception. If you’re in a high-pressure situation, think of the time you were in a similar scenario and proved your nerves wrong. It’s time to do it again.

Possess a pressure situation that you haven’t performed well in? Fantastic. You have the opportunity to create the exception.

Make it your goal to seek out the moments that cause you to feel the most pressure. Master each pressure situation by proving your nerves wrong.

Look at the next sweaty-palm scenario as a great opportunity for success!