The new year is just weeks away and you should be thinking about preparation for next fall’s official soccer season. Indoor leagues exist during the winter months and are a great way to keep soccer fresh  in your mind and the competition drive alive; but the new year also brings a time to look back and evaluate your performance from last season.

As you start preparing for your off-season winter training take time to evaluate the following:

  1. Did you have the killer instinct and always pull the trigger in competitions?
  2. Did you give good opponents too much respect?
  3. Did you play too cautious or hesitant?
  4. Were you afraid to lose or make mistakes?
  5. Did you play better in practice?
  6. Did you choke in big games?

If you answered YES to any of those Red Flags you need to formulate a plan on how to overcome those issues. Develop a plan to incorporate footskills, strength and conditioning, explosiveness training and mental training.

Each aspect of your training needs to support the others; if you are not committed 100% to developing each aspect your overall performance will suffer. Take time to develop a daily and weekly plan to build the best you.

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