Kids Tennis Mindset Course-Olympic Mindset Lessons for Kids




Olympic Mindset Lessons for Kids


Learn the 8 lessons that will change the way you train, live and compete forever. Olympic level Mindset Lessons made Simple for Youth Athletes. You will Get Permanent Access to all Features of this Course!!

-8 of our Best Video Youth Lessons
-8 of our Best Youth Mindset Exercises
–​Kids Mindset E-Workbook


Lesson 1: Finding your Purpose

Lesson 2: 4 Principles of Mindset Training

Lesson 3: Goal Setting

Lesson 4: Developing an Action Plan

Lesson 5: Mental Toughness

Lesson 6: Confidence

Lesson 7: Aggressiveness

Lesson 8: Mindset Mastery for Life


1-1 Mindset Training Discount

 ***This is an Online Course. You will Get Permanent Access to the Winning Mindset Workbook (Ebook) and video lessons explaining each exercise.