Teacher’s Guide to the Mental Edge

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This handbook gives you the highly effective tools, resources, methods, and lessons that have proven successful time and time again in Academic Mindset training. Here’s what you should expect from reading this book and applying these methods to your teaching:

  • Improved classroom behaviors
  • More confidence & motivation
  • Less anxiety over classwork & testing
  • Better consistency in student completion of work and effort
  • More joy & reduced feelings of burnout for the teaching profession
  • An increased understanding of how mindset impacts student performance and achievement
  • A comprehensive view and practical resources to strengthen students’ mindsets

Includes: Mindset Lesson Plan Template & 10 of our BEST Mindset Strengthening Lessons

Learn the methods we used to design systematic mindset training used by students and student-athletes at the highest levels, from youth and high school programs, to ivy league colleges, and even featured in the Olympics!