“The 10 Rules of Lacrosse Season”

1) Never be outworked 

The only person you should be competing against is yourself. The most important question you can ask yourself is “Did I go all out or hold back”.

2) Avoid focusing on statistics

With the influx of technology and today’s social media platforms it is easy to get caught up in the “Fan Mentality”. Records, rankings, seeding’s and predictions are all things that we cannot control. We are wasting our time and energy filling our brain with thoughts out of our control.

3) Bigger or stronger doesn’t mean better

The biggest room in the world is the “Room for improvement”. The Japanese term Kaizen refers to “constant improvement”, which should always be the focus no matter how big or strong.

4) Stop comparing yourself to others

Focus on what you can control, your individual progress and improvement. Strive to be the best version of yourself everyday. Learn from others rather than comparing yourself to them. You can build success by watching and imitating others.

5) Be thankful for the opportunity to play lacrosse

Have a consistent “attitude of gratitude”. The best athletes in the world often mention how thankful they are to have the opportunity to compete. After winning a Championship game, nationals or olympics, athletes address how thankful they are to be able to do what they love.


6) Be patient

Rome wasn’t built in a day. Life is an amazing journey not a destination so enjoy the ride while trusting in the process.

7) Compete for yourself

Do it for the love, passion, and fun of Lacrosse. Unfortunately, we tend to lose sight of these feelings as we get better and better. Do it simply to glorify god.

8)Never give up

Positive affirmations teach your heart. Effort is 1 of the 3 elements you can always control that is defined in our predator mindset. Effort is always within your control, on or off the Lacrosse field.

9) Keep things in perspective

It is extremely important to remind yourself of your personal priorities and values in life. Your faith, morals, family, and academics should come before lacrosse. These are vital as key factors to building a solid foundation in life. View lacrosse as a vehicle that will help drive your future towards unlimited opportunities.

10) Train your mind

Training your mind will help you maximize your potential in lacrosse, school and life. Mindset training enables you to overcome common mindset red flags that hinder performance.  Engaging in the process of working with a mentor will ensure a successful path to achieving your goals. The outcome will result in leadership development and creating a positive culture.

By: Josh Hinze – Winning Mindset Coach