Looking to make a big jump in school? Many students are hoping to go up a full point in their GPA or reach a new level in statewide testing. A mistake that most students make is to try to hit those goals by simply working harder. If you want to reach bigger goals, faster, stop burying yourself in studying and start working on your MINDSET! Here are 10 things that students with a strong mindset do to reach new levels in school and life…


1) Efficiency – They plan time and energy for their studies, give complete focus to their work, and finish assignments quickly and well-ahead of time.


2) Confidence – They believe that they are capable of excellent grades, take pride in their work, and believe in the process they went through to complete their work.


3) Stubbornly Positive Optimism – You can’t rattle their positive mindset. If an assignment doesn’t go well or a test score comes out lower than expected, they immediately take the most positive spin, learn from it, and continue moving forward.


4) Discipline – They maintain habits and routines that allow them to be successful. Their health and wellness is a priority and their disciplined routine allows them to be in school more often with more energy.


5) Mindfulness – Mentally strong students stay in the moment. They use breathing, relaxation images, confidence anchors, and other physical and emotional strategies that help them focus on the immediate moment and give full attention to each task.


6) Curiosity – The best students are curious and inquisitive! They genuinely want to learn more about the world and they make an effort to be active in discovering more about it.


7) Purpose – There is a reason that is driving their success. They don’t want higher test scores to brag and show off. They have intentional reasons for why they want to excel as a student.


8) Gratitude – A key step in improvement is showing gratitude to those who help you improve. Mentally tough students consistently show gratitude to the teachers, friends, and others involved in their studies that encourage them to do better.


9) Patience – They do not need immediate results and trust the process they are going through. Their effort doesn’t change based on grades they receive. They continue to work humbly through the semester and year knowing that their results won’t change overnight.


10) Investment – They invest time, energy, effort, and financially into their success. They attend workshops, school guidance/advising, college visits, and other events that can help them. They put money into books that help them grow, tutoring, mindset training, and anything else that will give them an edge. They pour energy into their education year round and continue to learn in and out of the classroom.


If you want to reach a new level this year, don’t think that it is just as simple as studying for an extra hour each day. Your mindset is the key to your success. Be purposeful in strengthening your mindset and growing in the areas that will help you most! The school year is approaching… Let’s make it the most productive and successful year of your life (until the year after it)!