Everyone knows that confidence is extremely important for success in baseball and in anything you do in life. Just by building confidence and carrying it into games, your level of play can increase significantly.

The Baseball Mindset program is full of practical exercises players can do to improve their mindsets. It’s like strength training except the muscles you are working are your mental muscles! Get the mental reps in and build your confidence with these 10 exercises:

1. Make a list of all the times you have succeeded on the field (i.e. best games, practices, etc.). Confidence is all about what you focus on, so start focusing on your successes. Most of us tend to focus on the negatives and failures – this will only hold you down.  

2. Make a list of major leaguers who play the game similarly to you (same stance, same throwing or baserunning mechanics, etc.). It is imperative to believe in your physical abilities and skills especially during difficult times.

3. Improve your body language. Find out what confidence looks like to you (everyone is different) and use that body language before/during practices and games. You will start to feel more confident.

4. Create a Confidence Anchor. This one’s a bit more psychological. When you feel confident do some physical gesture (i.e. hand clap, pump fist, hat tap, etc.). Then start using this during games and whenever you want to feel more confident – good old fashioned classical conditioning.

5. Visualize yourself succeeding. Use every sense you can. Visualize not only winning but the whole process of the game. Visualize yourself overcoming fears too.

6. Make a list of your best qualities – in baseball, school, and life in general. What are you good at? The fresher these qualities are in your mind the more confident you will feel.

7. Pray and read Scripture. This should be number one because it will help you in every area of your life. Confident people know what they believe in. When your faith grows your confidence will grow as well.

8. Set a small goal every day that you can accomplish. When you see yourself achieving these small goals each day your confidence will grow.

9. Create a highlight tape of yourself. Watch yourself in your best at-bats, plays and games on the mound regularly. See yourself executing your mechanics well and dominating the competition.

10. Do something other people aren’t doing. Whether it’s getting extra workouts in, starting a nutrition program, going to bed early every night, daily mindset training, etc. When you are doing things consistently that others aren’t willing to do, you will undoubtedly build confidence.

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