10 Ways to Build Confidence on the Lacrosse Field

I don’t need to sell anyone on the importance of confidence in lacrosse. Simply put, it is an absolute must because it separates the good from the great, and the elite from everyone else. Our 1-1 mindset program is all about practical lacrosse-specific exercises players can do to improve their mindset. Here are 10 practical ways to build confidence in lacrosse:

  1. Make a list of all the times you have succeeded on the field (i.e. best wins, practices, etc.). Confidence is simply about what you focus on, start focusing on all your successes.  Lacrosse players are often critical of themselves. It is really important to focus on your list of successes. Writing a list will help you recognize all the times you have succeeded, hit new milestones, or exceeded expectations. It will help you remember that you are a talented athlete, especially during uncertain or unfamiliar situations.
  2. Make a list of elite players who play with the same technique as you. If your favorite elite player shoots like you, dodges the same way, or has a similar defensive approach then you know you are doing it the right way. You will not doubt your techniques if you recognize it is the right way to execute your skills.
  3. Improve your body language before games and practices. Figure out what confidence looks like to you (everyone is different). Begin to show that body language before and during practices as well as games. Keep your head high with a focused look on your face.  As a result, you will appear more confident while feeling more confident.
  4. Create a Confidence Anchor. As a psychological tip to create more confidence. When you feel confident or score a point, do a physical gesture (i.e. hand clap, pump fist, etc.). Get into a routine of doing your physical gesture before a game. The act of doing something will remind you of all the times you’ve succeeded. This good old fashioned classical conditioning will help you feel more confident.
  5. Visualize yourself succeeding. Create a vivid image in your head including all 5 senses and imagine details. Don’t just visualize winning – visualize the whole process of the game. Warming-up, the coin toss, winning the draw, scoring goals, transitioning seamlessly through the midfield etc. Visualize all game day components in a positive way and it will help you succeed in real life.
  6. Make a list of your best qualities. This list should include all your best qualities in lacrosse, school, and life. Seeing all your top qualities and positive contributions will help you realize your worth as an athlete, student, and person.
  7. Pray and read Scripture. This should be number one because it will help you in every area of your life. Confident people are grounded in their beliefs. Building confidence is correlated with your growing faith.
  8. Make a small goal every day that you can accomplish. Make an attainable goal every day and put your efforts into achieving that goal. When you consistently achieve your small goals, you will feel more confident setting and accomplishing a larger, long-term goal in the future. 
  9. Create a highlight tape of yourself. Use this video and include all your best moments like best moves, most difficult wins, exciting goals, awesome interceptions, winning the ground ball, etc. When you watch the highlight video back, you will realize how talented you are and you will feel more confident in your abilities. You will see yourself executing the correct techniques and dominating games.
  10. Do something better than anyone you will play. Try to do one thing – a small skill or technique – better than anyone else. Put all your effort into mastering a particular skill and you will definitely feel more confident. Overall, you will feel more confident because you will have an “edge” on everyone else. This is essential because it’s difficult to master every skill needed in lacrosse– but mastering one of the skills will help you!

*** 11. Do something other people aren’t doing. Whether it’s running, starting a nutrition program, going to bed early every night, daily mindset training, etc. When you are doing things that others are not willing to do consistently you will undoubtedly build confidence.

(edited 2/21)

*** 12. Book your Free Mindset Session Today! Let us help you feel more confident too!


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