You know if you just tell yourself that you will do that task later, it isn’t going to happen. Not that we don’t have the intentions of doing the task. We end up forgetting until something reminds us again that we still didn’t do that task. It could have been a friend, parent, something you did that day, something that ended up not happening, etc. These are all friendly reminders that might not happen on a regular basis. Now, How do we make these friendly reminders a little more regular and consistent?

To remember tasks, activities, your aspiration, chores, and most importantly your goals, one must write them down and read them everyday. Be proud of these goals, don’t be afraid of others knowing your goals, and never let anyone change your view on your goals. The more confident you are to let others know your goals, the more likely these goals will end up happening! Place these goals in places you see every day.

My places are:

  1. My Work Office
  2. My Gym Bag
  3. My Bathroom Mirror
  4. My Laptop
  5. Alarms On My Phone

Written by:

Sarah Grippi

Basketball Mindset