Gymnast Mindset Red Flags:

  1. Balking and Hesitating 
  2. Struggling with Mental Blocks 
  3. Afraid of Getting Hurt
  4. Fearful of New Skills 
  5. Difficulty Bouncing Back From Mistakes
  6. Being better in practice than in a meet or tournament.
  7. Fear of letting teammates down
  8. Not aggressive or lacking the Killer Instinct.
  9. Poor body language.
  10. Low confidence.
  11. Very nervous meets and getting set.
  12. Easily distracted during meets.
  13. Too critical of yourself and obsessing about being perfect.

If you or your gymnasts are experiencing mindset red flags and do nothing they will never be fixed. As Alexander Pope said “The only real mistake is the one from which we learn nothing.” Address these red flags, and do so immediately. Working harder doesn’t solve these problems. Maturing doesn’t solve these problems. You don’t get better at Math by studying English. You need to address the problem head on.

Each of these can be improved with the right Mental Reps. As Gymnasts we make thousands of physical reps a week. Take the right Mental Reps each week as well and that’s when you break through plateaus.