1. The ability to do something successfully or efficiently.


  • “The player displayed varying degrees of competence.” noun.

  1. The feeling or belief that one can rely on someone or something; Firm Trust.


  • “We had every confidence in the coach.”


Competence breeds confidence. When you play basketball, you clearly know which position you want to play. Along with the position, there is always a place on the court that you feel more comfortable than others. If you are a point guard, you don’t want to be down by the hoop and forwards don’t want to be close to the 3-point line. You know for a fact that you display different skills than your other teammates and that is why you are more comfortable with that position. You have all the confidence! Decide which position or positions you play, decide what moves/techniques are your go tos, and practice them weekly!

Here is my example:


  • Center (5)


  • Strong Post Moves
  • Box Out
  • Pick & Roll
  • Stand Ground


Number of Reps/Wk:


  • 100 – 50 left/50 right
  • 100 – 25 left/25 front left/25 front right/25 right
  • 100 – 25 Right Wing/ 25 Left Wing/25 Left Foul Line/25 Right Foul Line
  • 3×5 second Picking Drill


Written by:

Sarah Grippi

Basketball Mindset