It’s so easy to become tired during the day, especially if you have a long day at school, or a long practice during the weekend, or a tough day at work. It’s not always easy to stay energized during the day and when you’re tired, it makes the day drag on even longer. It seems like the more you want the day to end, the slower the day becomes! That’s why it’s important to feel energized during the day! That way you can stay on task and accomplish what you need to for that day. Here are 5 tips to stay energized during the day!
1. Drink more water. Our bodies are more than 70% water so we need to keep ourselves replenished throughout the day. Without enough water we feel tired, we can start getting a headache, we feel cranky, and we just aren’t going to have a great day at that point. Especially if we’re athletes! If we don’t have enough water we’re going to have a really tough time at practice or competing because we’re going to be sweating extra.  
2. Sleep 8 hours. This is a task that I need to work on personally! Similar to not drinking enough water – not getting enough sleep will leave us cranky, irritable, tired, and unprepared for the rest of our day. Again, if we have a long school day, an all-day tournament, or a heavy day at work, then not getting enough sleep is going to really give us a bad start to the day. We don’t want to sleep less than 8 hours because it won’t allow our body to refresh for the next day – we also don’t want to sleep way more than 8 hours because we wake up feeling groggy and we won’t have enough time in the day to accomplish what we need to.
3. Stop worrying about what others think about you. Worrying about what other people think of you is so EXHAUSTING! Being concerned with the thoughts of other people tire us mentally because we are always preoccupied by thinking things like, ”What are they going to think?” or “Maybe they’ll laugh at me” or “I don’t think they’ll like it.” All of these thoughts are a waste of our time and energy and they keep us distracted from the things that are important like achieving our goals and having a successful day. Just remember that the only opinion that matters is your own opinion!
4. Take daily steps towards your goals. We should always be conscious of our goals. And we should also be making a conscious effort to reach those goals! If we don’t, we start feeling stuck and anxious because we aren’t able to achieve any of our goals. This “stuck” feeling makes you feel unenergized throughout the day because our minds are preoccupied with our disappointed and unsuccessful feelings. However, if we make steps toward our goals, then we’ll feel accomplished and encouraged to keep moving forward – thus making us feel more energized! PRO TIP: This will help you increase your motivation and confidence as well!
5. Pray and/or focus on what you are grateful for in life.