6 Natural Ways To Spike Your Testosterone For Peak Performance



  • Hydration:


Drinking enough water on a daily basis to keep yourself hydrated has numerous benefits that will lead to more consistent performances.  Set a daily goal for yourself to drink one gallon of water each day by either bringing a gallon of water with you or a smaller bottle that you are filling up throughout the day. All of your systems will shut down if your not hydrated including your fat metabolism, fat oxidation and protein synthesis.



  • Strength Training:


Incorporating multi joint movements including squats, deadlifts, bench press, shoulder press and bent over rows will help boost your natural testosterone.  Focus on lifting heavy while taking into account that quality repetitions always comes before quantity or lifting heavy with improper form. 



  • Supplementation:


Think of fueling your body like it is your dream car.  In order to ensure our dream car is running efficiently and properly recovering we need to make sure we are including the following natural supplements on a daily basis to meet the recommended daily allowances which are, multi vitamin, zinc, fish oils and vitamin D3.  Keep in mind that supplements are an addition to an already established healthy diet filled with plenty of natural foods.



  • Body Language:


Open body language is directly correlated to an improvement in confidence and overall performance. Open body language can include standing or walking tall, speaking loudly and clear, The quickest way to change the way you feel is to change the way you move.  Your movements will determine your mood by faking it until you feel it if your in a current non confident state. 

“Act as if it were impossible to fail” – Mahommad Ali



  • Avoiding Energy Suckers:


Being around negative people can drain your energy in many ways.  It is so important to surround yourself with positive people to help you create momentum throughout the day.  “You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with”. Listening to negative music with trigger a negative belief system within which will result in a lack of performance.  Replace the negative music with positive upbeat music that makes you feel relaxed and enjoying the present moment.



  • Sleep:


Developing a nightly and morning routine to ensure you’re getting 8 hours of sleep.  Your natural growth hormone is released at its highest rate during the peak of each sleep cycle.  It is important to avoid late night snacking, looking at your phone or other electronics which will delay the time you fall asleep.