Learning anything is a complex, mental process. It is not as simple as hearing information and suddenly understanding it. Some students have asked us what mindset training has to do with learning more. Here are 7 things we address in mindset training that must be done BEFORE you can learn something new. 

1- Be motivated to learn the new thing. Motivation determines if we learn something and how well it sticks in your mind. A lack of motivation makes learning extremely difficult, while a highly motivated student will often learn more than what is taught in class alone.

2- Believe that you can learn it. Self-confidence can elevate your learning, while a lack of confidence can destroy your chances of retaining information. 

3- Have a purpose for learning it. Knowing your why can help you learn even through obstacles like boredom and lack of interest in a topic. 

4- Be in the present moment and focused, not distracted. Understanding mindfulness and being able to stay present can help you learn, especially in a long lecture or video learning session. You can’t control the length of time or how engaging your teacher is, but you can control your ability to stay present and further your own knowledge. 

5- Be willing to practice it. Learning a difficult skill or concept often takes practice. You have to be so driven to learn that you are willing to put in extra time to mastering that topic.

6- Be open to applying it. Practice is often enough. To truly learn a concept, you have to be willing to try to use it in your own life and put your learning to the test.

7- Have no fear of failing or making mistakes. While learning, mistakes will (and should) happen. If not, you are probably not challenging yourself enough. Learning requires an ability to fail without letting it impact your confidence and willingness to push forward.

Yes, mindset training will help with your test scores by reducing anxiety and increasing your confidence. An underrated aspect of mindset training however is that it ALSO helps your ability to learn and function well in class on a daily basis. Contact us now and let’s start training!