Have you noticed you are more/less likely to do something if there is/isn’t an award or punishment afterwards? Examples. Would you study the information if there wasn’t a test after it? Would you buy the product even though it doesn’t work? Would you hold the door open knowing you weren’t going to get a thank you? Most likely no…. Then how do people hold themselves accountable for things they don’t get an award/punishment for?

Successful people are good at policing themselves. They make sure they keep working at the things they love, even though there might not be an award for it in the end. It is all about working towards the goal little by little, every single day. Now, if you do fulfill your action plan that day, you are allowed to give yourself an award. If you don’t end up working towards your action plan for that day, you aren’t allowed to partake pastime activities. 

Here are some examples of a list you can make:

I worked towards my goals today, I reward myself with…

  • Friends
  • Social media
  • Video games
  • 1 Episode

I did not get to work on my goals today, I punish myself with no…

  • drawing
  • naps
  • Baking with my sister
  • Reading a Pleasure Book

NOTE: Get your work in first and then go play!

Written by:

Sarah Grippi

Basketball Mindset