Finding motivation can be hard at times. Your schedule finally freed up, and all you want to do is relax, take nap, or just hang out with your friends. Even when there is a full schedule, it can be challenging to get yourself to complete everything that needs to be done that day.

Do you remember when you were younger, your teacher told you to write about your role model? This could be one person or multiple people that can offer different types of motivation depending what they are good at. This person or these people were someone you looked up too, was motivating to you, dedicated to their goal, pushed through tough times, made things happen, and mentally tough. I want you to take a moment and write down three people that you look up too. Write down three person you look up too. One person for your SPORT, one for SCHOOL, and one for your PERSONAL LIFE. The role models can be professionals or someone you know personally. Now, I am going to give you some steps on how to stay connected to these people so you can stay motivated every single day.

3 Daily Motivational Tips:

1. Watch videos. Let’s say you picked Michael Jordan as your sport role model. There are so many videos about his success as an athlete. Watch these videos over and over again to give you countless motivation to keep pushing yourself in your sport. Pick some days and a time out of the week that you will watch these videos. Making this a weekly routine so you will have different types of motivation each week.

2. Post pictures. These pictures can just be a photo of them or a photo of them with a motivational quote on them. Post these pictures everywhere so you can see them everyday. Some good places to put them are the background of your phone, school locker, sport locker, notebook, calendar, planner, mirror, by your bed, etc. As long as you can see it frequently, it is doing its job. Again, make this a weekly routine.

3. Motivational Anchor. This motivational anchor is going to be a combination of a motivational feeling you have and a physical gesture. This will create a mental muscle memory whenever you perform this physical gesture. Everytime you feel this motivational feeling from seeing a picture of your role model, watching a video, reading a quote, or anything else in daily life, you will perform this physical gesture. This could be something as simple as clapping your hands, jumping in the air, self fiving, a fist pump, etc. Once you start doing this on a regular basis, the motivational feeling and the physical gesture are going to link together. If you start to feel lazy or bored, this physical gesture is going to instantly make you feel motivated to take on the world!

Written by:

Sarah Grippi
Basketball Mindset