Have you ever noticed that person walking down the sidewalk with a fresh look, head held high, standing tall, shoulders back & serious face? That person you see acting this way feels confident in themselves. It doesn’t necessarily mean they have all the confidence in the world, but they sure do look like they do! Acting confident in what you do even though you might not feel it doesn’t mean you are a phony. All these people are doing is acting like they are confident until they actually do feel confident!

Have you ever seen someone new to a team come out looking like they are the best basketball player in the world, but not even get a minute of playing time? The following year, they get some playing time and their confident body language shows on the court? The next year, they are starting, getting offers from every school out there, and just killing it every time they lace up their shoes? They are practicing that confidence early, so when they do play, it isn’t anything new to them. The believed in his/herself before anyone else did. Here is one example of a confident basketball player.

Confident Athlete

Micheal Jordan:

“Even before the fundamentals, it’s imperative to understand why style matters at all. If you couldn’t care less, chances are you will never even take the first step to improving your style. And secondly you want to wear clothes that actually fit your body. This is crucial. Understanding this puts you ahead of the majority of guys out there who are drowning in their clothes or on the opposite end, struggling to breathe.”

 Written by:

Sarah Grippi

Basketball Mindset