Today is your victory over yourself of yesterday: Tomorrow is your victory over lesser men. – Miyamoto Musashi
Advertisements often reflect a quick and easy solution to a problem. There is the workout solution that will get you shredded abs in only five minutes a day for two short weeks, and the movies that depict below average athletes demolishing the longstanding champions after a brief training montage and the inspirational words of a former champion. While these movies and advertisements provide a sense of hope and can make you feel good, they are not exactly true to life.
Moreover, they can even provide a sense of false hope for people aspiring to be better. In actuality, there is no quick solution for success. Tennis legends like Roger Federer, Serena Williams, and Rafael Nadal, did not get to the position in which they find themselves today with a quick and easy solution. Their training did not come from a single moment. Granted, they may have had standout moments that were vital to their success in which they were able to make great strides in a relatively short amount of time, but their success likely came from constantly seeking to improve and getting better in all aspects of their life.
Being successful in tennis involves much more than simply practicing hard. It involves constantly making choices that are going to lead to you becoming a better tennis player. Becoming more successful in tennis is impacted by all of the decisions that you make in your day-to-day life. It is vital that you are constantly asking yourself if the decisions that you are making are going to lead to you becoming a more successful athlete.  Are you getting enough sleep? Are you staying ahead in your schoolwork so that your work does not prevent you from training? Do you have the right diet? Do you need to take time off to recover mentally and physically? When you are able to shift your way of thinking so that you are constantly having a growth mindset aimed at improving your abilities you will be able to notice great strides in your ability as you constantly improve your craft!