Trying to completely empty your mind seems like an easy task, until you want to practice it. It is so simple to be able to erase everything in your head, for only a couple of seconds. 

Why does it seem like other people can practice having an empty mind but it just doesn’t seem like it is working for you? Well, Eastern cultures created specific deep breathing and meditation exercises to help with the process of clearing the mind, reduce distractions, and take full control of your body’s energy.

Here are 8 tips on how to start this kind of practice:

  1. Think of your favorite way to relax
  2. Now, allow yourself to relax 
  3. Have an image that calms you
  4. Get comfortable 
  5. Abdomen breathing 
  6. Inhale through the nose, exhale out mouth
  7. Place hands in same spot every time 
  8. Accept incoming thoughts, then redirect focus to air filling lunges

Written by:

Sarah Grippi

Basketball Mindset