Do you have 100% of your faith in the process? This process can be for basketball, school, and life. Athletes that aren’t mentally tough get frustrated when they do not see progress as quickly as possible.


An easy example: Let’s say you are thinking about dinner. What is more appealing to you? The quick and easy cheeseburger and fries from any fast food restaurant or the slow and time consuming chicken, broccoli, and rice dinner?


If your answer was the cheeseburger, you might not like to wait for very long or care what type of food goes into your body to help you perform better. If you picked the chicken, you might have more patience and know this food isn’t the most flavorful, but good for you in the long run.


Even though you might really want that cheeseburger, you know you should really be eating that chicken dinner. It might not seem like you are benefiting from it now, but it the long run, you are going to see the results. Remember, this was just a simple example and this doesn’t only relate to food. There are going to be good days and bad days, as long as you don’t quit on yourself. This is when you have to believe in what makes up WHO YOU ARE!


What are your…


  1. Core values?
  2. Believes?
  3. Philosophies?
  4. Principles?
  5. Spiritual Thoughts?


Think about these long a hard. Once that is complete, how do these impact basketball, school, daily life, etc.? What actions would you take? An example would be be truthful to yourself and your teacher by completing your homework on your own, never copy someone else’s work. To make sure these actions occur, what type of restrictions will you put on yourself? An example for this would be not partying so I can get my homework done and not feel like I will need to copy someone else’s homework.


Everything takes time, believe in the process, and progress with come within time.


Written by:


Sarah Grippi

Basketball Mindset