This message of gratitude is written to the leader that has changed and inspired me:


“For this message of gratitude, I decided to pick one of my old basketball coaches. She was my high school and AAU basketball coach. I picked this coach because she helped me grow up to who I am now.


She helped me find colleges that would be a good fit for me to play at. We practiced the recruiting process and she wrote one of my recommendation letters. She even helped me fill out applications for colleges. Without her, I would have never wanted to go to college. The only motivation I had to go to college was to play basketball. She showed me that I should play but also broadening my education was very important.


She helped me during my Sophomore and Junior year of college. She inspired me to be a leader because she made such a difference in my life as a kid.


I have not seen her in a couple years so contacting her again was a little strange at first. She is married now and has kids, but we were able to set up a lunch date like we used to after I graduated high school.


She was very thankful for my message. She said I could have simply texted her but she was happy that I rather do it in person. Not many people have told her thank you for leading them in the right direction. It made me feel good as well for appreciating all the hard work she has done for me and others in her life.”


Think about someone that changed your life and has inspired you to keep doing what you love. What have they done for you? Are you better today then what you were yesterday? Think long and hard who this person is. Once you know this person, contact them, and meet up with them in person. Face to face interaction is a lot more memorable than hiding behind a electronic. Tell them why you are thankful for them and what you hope to accomplish next!


Written by:


Sarah Grippi

Basketball Mindset