During this pandemic, almost everything was closed, canceled, or postponed. This affected people’s businesses, social life, education, holidays, family events, and even athlete’s season. Because of this tough time and sport seasons being canceled, it might be difficult to remember why you love your sport. 

One of the reasons people become athletes is because they love the feeling of training, being around their teammates, mastering a new skill, and of course competing in games! Athletes usually enjoy basketball activities because it puts them in a good mood, we have adapted to this lifestyle, they are committed, never been limited in training space, etc. Since the pandemic put a pause on the basketball life, how do athletes remind themselves that it is still worth training, working hard, and staying motivated? Do as many sport related activities to show yourself that you are still an athlete. Some examples:

  1. Watch old games you played in. 
  2. Look at old scouting reports. 
  3. Do some ball handling drills in the driveway. 
  4. Eat like an athlete. 
  5. Look up YouTube videos or your favorite athletes. 
  6. Video chat my teammates. 
  7. Still communicate with my coaches. 
  8. Do some basketball mindset training with my coach. 
  9. Stretch, ice, recover every night. 
  10. Visualize my pre-game routine. 

Written by:

Sarah Grippi

Basketball Mindset