Now that you are preparing for the upcoming spring and fall seasons it is time to start planning for both now and the near future; identifying and setting goals is the start. When setting goals you need to identify what your end game is; what level of competition do you want to attain.

There are long term goals and short term goals; and when needed the short and long term goals can be broken down into subcategories. Below are examples of both Long-term and Short-term goals for a High School freshman or sophomore.

Example Long-term Goals:
State Championship High School team
Play College soccer
    -attend college soccer camps
    -visit and meet college teams and coaches
Win College National Championship
Make National Team
    -attend Olympic Development Program tryouts
Play professional soccer

Example Short-term Goals (6 months-3 years):
Become a Varsity starter
    -don’t miss any practices
    -begin and complete strength and conditioning program
    -gain speed and explosiveness
    -do daily footwork skills on my own
Make State playoffs each year of high school
Score one goal per game
Make multiple goal assists each game
Be a team player
Play winter indoor season
Play spring/summer season

Use the above as a guideline for your goals. Be original and set your goals high! Do not sell yourself short by setting goals that can be reached easily. If you are not quite sure what your goals should be reach out to your parents and coaches; they are the ones that have been watching you compete and know you the best, have them help you with your expectations and where you want to be as an athlete and a student.

When you decide and write down your goals place them somewhere they will be visible to you on a daily basis. As your training and competition progresses remember that your goals can change particularly your short term goals. As you reach your goals look back on them and begin a new phase of short term goal setting to achieve your long term goals.

Good luck and train hard and smart.


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  1. Great idea… find a place your athlete can put the written goal in the weight room, or on the track. That way they are always around it. our guys loved this!

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