All the teams in the final 4. Men’s: Loyola IL vs. Michigan, Villanova vs. Kansas. Women’s: Louisville vs. Mississippi State and UCONN vs. Notre Dame.
Clearly these teams emphasize consistent values and principles. They are prioritized over results. And clearly the results take care of themselves. Loyola biggest fan, Sister Jean, keeps the team motivated as well by going to every game. They do not want to disappoint her and their other fans. The best basketball players even, after a win or loses, are grateful for the opportunity to play. Some players preach this in each interview after a game. Even after losing, some players talk about being grateful for the opportunity.
There is a reason Basketball Mindset Principle #1 is: I am thankful for the opportunity to ball.
The 4 Mindset Principles
Every time you step on the basketball court, you should state out loud the following Mindset Principles. Beat these principles into your head. You will be better, tougher and happier because of it.
Words to live by, train by, and compete by.
1. I am thankful for the opportunity to ball.
a.   Never take for granted your health, mind, and body, many people don’t have this.
b.   Visit any hospital and start being thankful
2.  I am aggressive and relentless.
1.  The best players take the most chances and keep going and going.
3. I have NO fear of losing or making mistakes.
2.  Samurai, Spartans & Aztecs, are some of the great all time warriors were not afraid to die.
3.  If they could get past the fear of dying a potentially painful death you can get over the fear of losing
4.I never ever give up.
b.  The only failure is giving up.
c.   It is difficult to beat someone or a team who never quits.
d.  Winning or Losing, always fight till the final buzzer.
e.  Redefine success as never ever giving up.
The worst mental mistake you can make is being afraid to lose. It cripples many great basketball players each year at this tournament. Working hard doesn’t solve this problem and sometimes it even makes it worse, you need to approach it right mentally.
Learn how with Basketball Mindset
Get better or get beat! Last year doesn’t mean anything. Each year brings new physical, technical, and mental struggles. You need to work constantly on all 3 to give yourself the best chance to succeed.
Basketball is the greatest sport in the world to build complete human beings and life champions. It is humbling, it is exhilarating, it is fun, and it is heartbreaking. It is tough to watch the NCAA tournament without feeling all of those emotions. At the end of the day it makes you physically and mentally stronger.
Basketball Mindset is designed to build life champions. On the court, in the classroom and in life. It is the number 1 program in the world for basketball players, systematically designed to improve performance, confidence and mental toughness on and off the court.

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