This blog is an add on from the last blog “Open Communication With Coaches”.

As an athlete/teammate and a player to our coaches, we have a perception of our authority figures. Athletes think that their coaches might critique them hard and expect a lot from them. Sometimes your performance isn’t the best and you are scared that you are going to let down your coaches. This could add anxiety or lower confidence right before you ball out. Do you think you are going to perform well if this happens? Most likely no. We need to make sure we don’t have miscommunication! I am going to put down a list of questions you might want to ask yourself and communicate with your coaches. Before I do that, I want to write to the coaches to make sure everyone is on the same page.

A quick note to parents:

It is assumed that everyone has good intentions for the player/athlete. This is meant to be educational and enlightening, not frustrating or degrading to you or the athlete.

These yes/no answers do not have as much to do with reality as they do your player’s perception of reality. Their perception of reality is, in essence, their mindset. Their mindset will not change if their perception of reality does not change.

Together with your player, it is important to have open communication about these issues. Understanding, care, self-knowledge, reflection, honesty, and admitting when you are wrong is important for both parties to improve.

Questions & my personal answers:

  1. Mentally, my coaches help me with…
  2. I play for myself first, teammates second, and coaches/parents third.
  3. Accidentally, my coaches inadvertently hurt me mentally by…
  4. The constant feedback right after I make a mistake at practice. I would like the feedback all in one sitting.
  5. I would like my coaches to critique me by…
  6. Directly to me all at one time. I need to know the feedback so I can improve.
  7. My coaches can pump me up by….
  8. Having a fun handshake with me and play my upbeat songs during the warm-up.
  9. My coaches can give me feedback when…
  10. When I ask for it at the end of practice/games, Make it positive.

Written by:

Sarah Grippi

Basketball Mindset