This blog is an add on from the last blog “Open Communication WIth Parents Part 2”.

From the previous blog, I went through a list of questions to ask yourself about your parents communicating to you about basketball. I also gave examples of how I would answer.

Questions to Answer About their Parents:


  • Mentally, my parents help me with…
  • Accidentally, my parents inadvertently hurt me mentally by…
  • I would like my parents to critique me by…
  • My parents can pump me up by….
  • My parents can give me feedback when…


Once these questions are answered, Go to your parents and discuss the possible miscommunication so it can be fixed. Now, we still have to be realistic. We must ask ourselves two more questions. 

  1. Will things change or stay the same? How come?
  2. If things don’t change, how will I cope effectively with your parents?

The point of asking these questions is because we want you to understand that even though you communicated with someone about a situation, doesn’t mean things will change. We can only control ourselves and how we deal with the situation. 

Written by:

Sarah Grippi

Basketball Mindset