Summer is beginning and camp is in the near future for many football players. If you’re a serious athlete I’m sure your goals for camp and the season are set. But do you have an action-plan to achieve those goals?


If you desire to achieve anything worthwhile in football (and life) setting goals is a given, this is your destination. But how do you reach a destination you’ve never been to? With a roadmap or GPS. This is exactly what an action plan is for a goal. Now as the high school and college seasons draw closer, you should be training for next year, but train with purpose, train with a plan. Your training ought to start with a goal and an action plan if you actually want to achieve it. “A goal without a plan is just a wish.”


A good action plan will lay out all the things you’ll be doing daily and weekly to work towards your goal. Your focus should be on your action plan about 90 percent of the time if you are a serious athlete. By developing a solid action plan and consistently following it, you will continuously move closer to accomplishing your goals. Your action plan should cover each area of training and life that will help or hurt you as a football player – position-specific skill drills, agility, plyometrics, strength, power, conditioning, mindset, nutrition, rest/recovery, sleep, etc. When developing your plan, it’s helpful to look at your strengths and weaknesses (areas of improvement). For example – if you’re a halfback and your best attribute is your speed and your worst is your ability to hang on to the ball when hit, these are skills you should focus on developing in your action plan. Turn your weaknesses into strengths and make your strengths stronger – make them freaky!


The more specific your action plan is the better – you don’t want to leave yourself any room to make excuses. This means you will write down the exact drills and exercises you will do along with how much time you will spend per week working on them. You can even take it a step further and plan out the specific times and days of your workouts each week. To hold yourself accountable to the plan, you can make it into a checklist that you complete each week, and post it somewhere that you will see it every day. Your plan should change when your schedule does (in-season, when school ends, when camp starts, etc.). A good action plan will include extra work to set you apart from the competition. If you have high goals and you’re serious about achieving you’ll have to train harder AND smarter than the best of the competition.


Aim high when it comes to your goals and develop a specific action plan to achieve them!

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