What makes a batter enter the “undefeated and renowned HITTING SLUMP?”
Here are 3 ways a Predator Mindset can help you anticipate AND attack the different forms of adversity that we encounter when stepping into the batter’s box.

1). Control the Controllable.
A successful at-bat consists of many different things. From a fan’s perspective, it’s defined as a double, triple, or home-run. As a true competitor, we must re-define that success with a fearless approach, relaxed mechanics, and a consistent focus on your technique. These are ALL things that we can control as an individual player.

2). Aggressive and Relentless effort.
During a batter’s slump, we have the pre-determined attitude to hang our heads or feel sorry for ourselves after another pop-fly or ground-out. By attacking adversity with a relentless optimism we keep the pressure on the opposition. An unbothered, aggressive and relentless approach to every single at bat will allow you to capitalize on every hitting opportunity.

3). Process OVER Results.
A baseball player will never be defined by ONE at-bat; A consistent reminder to ourselves that each at-bat is a new opportunity to showcase your hard work and persistent aggressiveness. An action plan consisting of daily/weekly goals will benefit your focus on the controllable process rather than the overall outcome.

-Coach Paul Swanson