Is there something, someone, or someplace that gives you confidence? Does this same thing give your confidence now like it did in the past? Do you think this item will continue to give you confidence in the future? 


I bet there has been times where you have been super confident with yourself. You might have been in a familiar area, around people that you know, and the activity or topic was your specialty. Were you surprised to feel this confidence? If yes, how come?


There is something that “sparks” in everyone that gets us excited and confident to compete. It could either be your parents pumping you up in the stands, your favorite song played during the warm-up, excited to play your rival team again, etc. I am wondering what gets you pumped up and excited for a game?


Think of what gives you confidence, this will be your CONFIDENCE ANCHOR. 


So, when you hear that song, crowd going wild, etc., you are going to pair it with a movement. This movement should be natural and shouldn’t draw attention to yourself. Some things a lot of basketball players like to do:


  1.  Wipe the bottom of their shoes
  2.  Adjust headband
  3. Pull up spandex
  4. Roll shorts
  5. Hike up socks
  6. Strap up brace 


Pick what your movement will be. You can create your own or use an example above. After you pick this anchor, use it anytime you are uncomfortable, don’t feel as confident as you should feel, or just use it before doing anything. Get in the habit of always doing this because your mind will contact what your body is doing. This symbol shows that nothing can stop you and you can never be stopped. After awhile, you are going to notice that you do it naturally without even thinking about it. When this happens, you are going to know that you are unstoppable


Written by:


Sarah Grippi

Basketball Mindset