Does it ever feel challenging to fall asleep on a daily basis? What about the night before a game? Do you ever think too much about the game, keeping you up at night, creating some anxiety, or feel nervous? Getting yourself in a pre-sleep routine will help you feel relaxed and prepared the night before each game. 

Just like a pre-game routine, the body needs to prepare for a good night’s sleep. So before a game, you might typically go see the Athletic Trainer, stretch, warm-up with the team, practice some skills & drills, deep breathe, get in the zone by listening to the playlist, do handshakes with your teammates, etc. Whatever you do before a game, I am sure you do it in a certain order, at a certain time, with the same teammates, every time. 

Well, same thing with a pre-sleep routine. Instead of getting physically warmed up and getting your mind “in the zone”, it is time to calm the body, and empty the mind so you are at ease with yourself. Whatever you do to do this, it should be in the same order, at the same time, using the same products, and in your room. This shouldn’t just be performed the night before a game, but practiced every night so performance every day is at it’s best in basketball, school, and daily life. Here is an example how a pre-sleep routine should look like:

Pre-Sleep Routine:

  1. Take a shower
  2. Drink my tea
  3. Clean up my room
  4. Brush teeth
  5. What 1 Episode
  6. Check my alarms are set
  7. Deep Breathe
  8. Pray & give thanks
  9. Say Goodnight to family
  10. Head to bed

Written by:

Sarah Grippi

Basketball Mindset