Coach Brian Holman Utah Lacrosse

Brian Holman, a veteran coach and former standout lacrosse goalkeeper at Johns Hopkins University joins Utes Lacrosse as the new Head Coach after serving eight years as an assistant for the North Carolina men’s lacrosse program. In his eight seasons, the Tar Heels won an ACC Championship in 2013 and a National Championship in 2016. Time Stamps Below: 1:10 4 Pieces of Development. 2:10 Every Athlete is Different. 4:00 Lacrosse Red Flags 5:00 Boundaries of Risks. 6:00 Worried about letting Teammates Down? 7:01 Fear is what you build up in yourself. 8:30 Breaking Through Barriers. 10:00 Team Exercise not dealing with Lacrosse. Sanctuary Time. 12:00 Spirit, Mind, and Body. 13:20 Find your why. Purpose. 15:00 Here to Teach and Educate. 16:30 Allow your kids to fail. 18:20 No Excuses, Find a way! 20:00 Life is a daily Effort. 22:00 Priority Order.