If you don’t truly believe in something, are you going to put your full heart and soul into it? Most likely no. For us to be committed to something, we have to value what we want and believe that we deserve it. If a lawyer is defending you in a case, they have to believe you are innocent. They will find evidence to prove your case by gathering as much information as possible. If he believes in you, finds proof, and can back it up, his heart and soul will be for you to win that case. His goal is for you to walk out the door with nothing hovering over your head.


Why was he so committed to make you look innocent? This is because he believed in you and you deserved to win. If this random stranger can do this for you, why is it so difficult for you to believe that you deserve your basketball goals? Do you think you think they are too far away to focus on? Do you think your goals are “too big” for you to accomplish? Do you feel like others doubt you so you started to doubt yourself? Whatever is holding you back from believing you deserve this, dig deep to find those reasons. Here are some reasons why I deserve my goals!


  1. I worked hard
  2. I continue to stay driven.
  3. Everyday I am slowly closer to my goal than I was yesterday.
  4. I have sacrificed so much to train for basketball.
  5. I never quit and I will get what I want


Written by:


Sarah Grippi

Basketball Mindset