When someone speaks to you, you usually trust what they say. Right? Why is that? This is because we believe that the person that is talking to you has good intentions of telling you the truth. Even though we might find out later that it was not 100% the truth, we still initially are impacted by the words they said to us. Physically and mentally. Simply this is because words influence thoughts, thoughts influence behaviors, and behaviors influence outcomes. If we are told negative thoughts by others, we will start to have more negative feelings. Then we end up telling ourselves on a daily basis more irrational phrases, become stressed out, can’t focus, and can never move forward. This is because of being fixated on one simple irrational phrase that isn’t true. To fix this issue, think of common phrases that you tell yourself. Once you know those phrases, let’s think of better words to use for the same phrase. Here, I will give you examples:

  1. I need to → I want to
  2. I’m trying → I’m going for
  3. I am lucky → I am blessed
  4. Why does this keep happening to me? → How can i change this?
  5. I don’t have time → I will make time

Written by:

Sarah Grippi

Basketball Mindset