We get caught up sometimes thinking about huge changes that we should make to improve our lives. Drastic changes rarely last. In fact, many times it sets us back further. This week, let’s focus on small adjustments we can make to our mindset. These tiny changes can lead to tremendous results if followed consistently!

1 – Wake up 5 minutes earlier. You will be 5 minutes ahead of your routine. You won’t be missing out on a substantial amount of sleep but you will have an edge every day, knowing that you have more time to complete the same amount of work.

2 – Organize daily. Organize your room. Organize your school folders. Organize your calendar. Every day, make organization a focus. It will make things easier to find and track which will make you more efficient. A time investment in organization pays off later, freeing up more of your time and energy.

3 – Write down your goals. Not once. Not twice. Daily! If you care about your goal enough to write it down every day, how likely are you to achieve it? The chances are much better because you will be thinking and reflecting about it every day. If your goal begins to change, you’ll be able to reflect on how it evolved which will help you fine tune it and eventually, reach it.

4 – Attempt to answer a question in every class. Yes, I know that not every class will have questions to respond to. Sometimes you will have a test for the whole period or be doing individual work. However, any class that gives you the opportunity to answer a question, give it a shot! Not only will it help you learn the material, it will reengage you if you lose focus.

5 – Compliment a classmate once per day. It makes the school culture better, it makes someone’s day more enjoyable, and it gives you the opportunity to show gratitude. Make it intentional and don’t compliment the same person every day. Mix it up and pick people who won’t expect it. Do it for no gain other than to show gratitude for someone you have noticed working hard and trying their best.

6 – Look for inspiration. Spend some time every day doing something that inspires you. Look up motivational quotes/videos. Draw or doodle. Write creatively. Find the things that spark your interest and allow time to grow those passions.

7 – Identify your role models. Who do you look up to? Why do you look up to them? If you know the answer to those 2 questions, you have an extra source of motivation. Watch your role models closely and adopt their positive traits.

8 – Serve. Make it a regular practice to serve others. Once a week, even if for a short period of time, do something for no reward. Enjoy the process of serving others and allow it to keep you humble.

9 – Slow down one vice. Bad habits and vices can hold us back from our dreams. Whatever your vice is, start loosening its grip on you and cut back on it. Are you drinking 2 sodas every day? Bring it down to 1. Binge watching Netflix each night? Cut down your time spent watching by an hour. Again, we aren’t making drastic changes but we do want to keep adjusting and getting better every day.

10 – Forgive yourself. Often we beat ourselves up for mistakes which holds us back from moving past them. Practice forgiving your own mistakes. Write it down in a journal or say it out loud to yourself. Be specific for what you are forgiving yourself for. Then, learn the lesson and move on from it!


Big changes will not build the foundation you need to improve your performance in school and life. It’s the little, intentional adjustments that will set you on a new path. Make these small changes this week and see what new opportunities begin to present themselves to you. Mindset makes the difference!