Before the storm happens, you must prepare for it. When you want to take a foul shot, you
usually do the same routine before your shoot, right? Here’s an example of what I do. Right foot
forward, left foot slightly back, flip the ball backwards to myself, squat down, pull my shorts up a
little, elbow under the ball, look at the front of the rim, say “focus, follow thru & crash.”
See how specific I was with the details? The more prepared I was for this foul show, the more
likely I was going to make the shot. If I didn't make the shot, I was prepared to crash to the
basket to get that rebound. Now, why wouldn’t you want to do the same thing before every
game, what about test, or getting ready for second favorite hobby?
Quieting your mind before a game or any event helps with focus. The more you practice and
understand your common thoughts and feelings during your typical warm-up movements, the
less you will worry about the coaches, crowd, family, the other team, etc.
Tips on how to design (not repair) your pre-competition routine:

1. Wake up at the same time every time!
2. Listen to the same type of music and songs.
3. Same stretches and warm up drills.
4. Do what you normally do, but put meaning to it.
5. Thoughts before games.
6. Feelings before games.
7. Do what gets you “in the zone”.
8. Deep breathe on your own.
9. Practice those hard drills with teammates and self.
10. Repeat two days a week every week!
Written by:

Sarah Grippi
Basketball Mindset