We all know we have our specific specialties that we stick too when we are on the court. The thing is, what happens when you get out of the position you are use to playing all the time? What do you do when you end up switching a screen on a pick and are now guarding a guard when you are a forward? What about if the team is playing a zone and all you have been preparing for is man to man? How about you caught yourself with the ball at the block when you are used to draining threes?

There are a lot of different positions, scenarios, and situations that can happen during a basketball game that a player needs to be familiar with. Basketball is also a very fast paced sport, there isn’t too much time to think about a technique of a move you might want to do at that very exact moment. When we clarify what moves we want to do in every position we might be in, we will be faster, moves will flow better, reduce scoring, and score more! Don’t think, “How many moves can be done” but “What move will work best in this situation.” 

Here is a short list of examples on how to clarify your “go-to”moves:

  1. One-on-one fast break: Cut them off before the 3 point line
  2. Left block: Up and under post move
  3. Opponents play a zone: Pass the ball around until the corner opens up
  4. Screen point guard: Pick and roll to the hoop
  5. Guarding someone with good three point shot: Bluffing

Written by:

Sarah Grippi

Basketball Mindset