Haven’t you noticed that it can be super easy to change your mood from happy to upset? Most of us are very guilty of this. We end up letting one little thing ruin the rest of our day. Have you noticed that it is super challenging to revert your mood back? No matter how many times you try to get in a good mood again, it is not possible. Even your friends, family, spouses, and teammates that always make you smile just can’t make you feel any better. They just don’t know how to flip your switch.

The problem with that statement is that you shouldn’t have to rely on anyone to make your mood better, or flip your switch. This is something that you need to learn to do on your own. 

What can you do to flip your switch? Well this is where you have to tap into your Alter Ego, the person you become when you touch that court. What are certain things you can do to change your attitude and get into “the zone”. Develop a physical cue for yourself. This could be something you do every day. After you do this cue, your mind will know that you are ready for your Alter Ego to come out.

Here are some physical cues you can do right before you transform into your Alter Ego:

  1. Pull hoodie over head
  2. Wear colors that remind you of domination and high performance
  3. Give yourself a new style. haircut, hair color, new highlights, etc.
  4. Make your presence known. This should be your battle cry. Loud slap on the court, clap hands, etc.
  5. Wear something on your body so everyone can see. Knee pads, headband, socks, etc.

Written by:

Sarah Grippi

Basketball Mindset