So we all know that prey versus predator mindset. If you can’t remember, let me give you a brief explanation. Prey animals have eyes on the side, they like to hide. Predator animals have eyes on the front, and they like to hunt. Prey animals are always looking at their surroundings because they are used to being eaten. They never fully pay attention to what is in front of them because if they do, they will die. Predator animals are always looking for food regardless if it is for themselves, their family, or their “wolf pack”. They find tall grass to hide in, they learn to be as quiet as possible, they use certain hunting techniques to get what they want, and they are constantly looking for the next best thing to eat. So, with this information, did you figure out which type of animal you are?

Basically, I am asking you do you want to “Get Prey or Be Prey”? I am assuming you said “Get Prey”. For you to “Get Prey” in basketball, you have to narrow your vision and reduce scanning your surroundings and opponents. Whatever they are doing to get better, does not matter. What you do to get better is the only thing you should be focusing on. Your focus should be on areas that you can control and remove all thoughts that you cannot control.

Here is how I would convert to my “Get Prey” focus:

  1. Your man to man opponent talks smack while defending you. You cross them over and “break their ankles”.
  2. A teammate expresses their poor attitude about going to practice today. You simply say “Compete hard and practice even harder”.
  3. You notice your teammate isn’t putting a lot of effort into the partner drill. “You get what you give.”

Written by:

Sarah Grippi

Basketball Mindset