How Coaches Can Motivate Their Athletes During COVID19?


Finding creative ways to stay motivated could not be more important than now in the current uncertain times that we are all living in.  Coaches often rely on their in person interactions to motivate and inspire their athletes, which unfortunately cannot happen in all areas of the country right now.  So as coaches we must shift our mindset to pivot and not panic when thinking of ways to motivate our athletes during COVID19.


We all have certain things that can change our mood and tend to make us feel happy or sad.  

We also have certain things that lead to us feeling more inspired and motivated we often refer to as our “motivational buttons”.  Some examples of things that can lead to us being motivated could be songs, movies, quotes or people.  Everyone is motivated differently and may need different types of motivation at different times.  


Create your own personal list of the following things that inspire and motivate you the most and make sure to write them down.


Songs – Create a “Motivation Playlist” that you can listen to during workouts or your pre-competition routine.


Movies – Create a list of your favorite inspirational movies that you will watch during team movie nights or when you’re simply feeling unmotivated.


Quotes – Create a list of inspirational quotes that you can look at during the day of competition or send to your team.


People – Create a list of people who inspire you the most.  This list can be made up of people that you interact with in person, watch on YouTube or other social media pages.  


Once you have created your own list, send it to your team and encourage others to share their list. This can be a fun team building exercise that can be implemented during virtual team meetings or your team group chats.


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