Gymnastics Changes You

Regardless of the medals you win or the teams you compete on, gymnastics will change your life.

One message I wish I could get across to every gymnast is that one competition does NOT define you as a person. It’s tough to see the big picture when you are still painting. What really defines you are the choices you make on a daily basis, the lifestyle you live, and the way you train and compete.

If you live the right lifestyle, make good choices, train and compete with a full a effort and positive attitude then you have already changed your life for the better regardless of outcome.

Don’t mistake what I am about or what our program is about. We ARE about winning. Our program is about giving you the best chance to win in and out of the gym. The win however is not what defines you as a person. Winning a state, national, or Olympic medal will never change you as much as the way you play the game, the way you train, and way you live your life.

Gymnastics teaches you invaluable life lessons:

  • Discipline
  • Dedication
  • Sacrifice
  • Hard Work
  • Responsibility
  • Accountability
  • And more…

But it isn’t winning that teaches you these life lessons… it is the training that turns you into the incredible person you want to be.

I am so grateful for my gymnastics career, and what it taught me. It truly set me on a positive path for the rest of my life, and it turned me into the person I am today. When you live the right lifestyle and make the right choices, you earn the right to succeed. Earning the right to succeed changes us. That does not guarantee that we achieve all of our ultimate goals, but it is a perspective that I want every gymnast to have.

This perspective will help you train more fearlessly and enjoy competing. It is key to your optimal gymnast mindset.

One competition does not define you. The things you do on a daily basis to get there will!

MINDSET COACHING: Win in Gymnastics & Life ​

GYMNAST MINDSET is not ordinary mental training. We are a gymnastics specific, systematic program designed to help serious gymnasts succeed in & out of the gym.

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