Let’s talk about fear. Because this is something that comes up time & again in the sport of gymnastics.

Fear can end careers, or at least make them a lot less enjoyable. So let’s address it…

There can be rational fears in our sport, and there can be irrational fears.

And a lot of times, we need to look at it closer and do a risk assessment: Have you put in the time, the effort, the drills, the progressions? If you’re capable of doing a double back on floor with a light spot, then you’re probably capable of doing a double back on floor by yourself.

It’s about risk assessment. It’s different than asking a girl who can only do a cartwheel to go throw a double back. Her fear of a double back would be a rational fear. That makes sense.

But for you… if you’ve put in the time & effort, and you are ready to go, and you’re still doubting it? That become an irrational fear.

So your job, along with your mindset coach, is to decipher between the two.

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