We talk about predator versus prey mindset throughout the Gymnast Mindset program, & I want to give you a very quick overview of what this entails. It might not be what you think!

We want you to adopt a predator mindset & don’t want you to have a prey mindset. But what does that mean?

What is really comes down to is that we want you to focus on what’s best for you. What’s going to help you succeed in your sport, in school, & in life in general? Focusing on yourself is what we consider the predator mindset.

The prey mindset means that you’re worried about everyone else around you. Who’s ahead of you? Who’s behind you? What are other people doing (or not doing)?

All you need to focus on is what you are doing, like a predator does.

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GYMNAST MINDSET is not ordinary mental training. We are a gymnastics specific, systematic program designed to help serious gymnasts succeed in & out of the gym.