What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear that someone has an injury? Do you feel sorry for them? Wonder if they are ever going to see the court again? Confused on why they would play again because they will fall behind the rest of the team? Seems like you might think this athlete doesn’t have much luck on getting better anytime soon.


An injury doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Yes, injuries aren’t the most fun experience to encounter, but you can learn a lot from them. You learn how much you start to miss practicing, playing games, and training during your off time. This makes you remember why you start playing in the first place.


The main struggle is to not let other people get in your head. These people view you as missing precious time on the court or not being able to stay on par with your skills. You might not be able to play a live full court game, but you can always work on the little things that you might have ignored for such a long time while you were healthy. Here are some ways an injury can be a good experience.


Start-up Phrases to have a Positive Injury Experience:


  1. “I have time to work on….”
  2. “How can I….”
  3. “I have a stronger mentally on….”
  4. “This is a blessing in disguise because…”
  5. “I am not average because…”
  6. “I can connect better with my…”
  7. “This minor setback prepares me for…”
  8. “I am better than I was before because…”
  9. “I improved on…”
  10. “One door closes, _____ doors open. These new doors are…”


Don’t stay average, always think of new ways to better yourself. If an injury occurs, don’t let that stop you. Make time for other areas in your life and don’t forget to work on basketball awareness. The way you view the issue determines the overall outcome of your actions.


Written by:


Sarah Grippi

Basketball Mindset