Let’s become aware of the thoughts and feeling we have when competing. Has there been a difference in a more positive mood when you compete your best? Does this result in your technique being unstoppable, have constant intense energy, compete for yourself, etc.? What about when your mood in a little more down in the dumps, your mindset takes a different direction. Your thoughts might be worried that the other teams moves and plays might beat you out, scared to get tired quickly, can’t stay in the zone, etc. Have you noticed common patterns of both your worst and best competitions? The goal is to stay consistent with your thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Here are some negative thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that are easy to convert into positive thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.


Common Negative Thoughts converted to Positive Thoughts.


  1. “What moves might they do on me?” →  “My technique has never been sharper!”
  2. “This player is good, I’ll never beat them.” → “They are just like everyone else.”
  3. “I want that trophy and that title!” → “I am going to play my game and compete for me.”
  4. “What if I get tired early in the game?” → “Let’s make them tired.”
  5. “ I don’t want to disappoint my dad.” → I don’t care who judges, this is my game.”


Written by:


Sarah Grippi

Basketball Mindset