Athletes get a lot of credit for the dedication, strength, & sacrifice that they show. And they fully deserve that credit! However, they are not the only ones showing dedication, strength, & sacrifice… this article is a “Thank You” to the parents of athletes who are the silent strength behind that success.



Thank you for the hours that you spend in the car driving to practices & competitions.

Thank you for washing loads of disgustingly sweaty laundry

Thank you for giving up your evenings & weekends

Thank you for giving up time that you could have used for your own interests

Thank you for spending your hard-earned money on your athlete’s dreams

Thank you for loving your athlete whether they won or lost

Thank you for managing schedules so that your athlete is always where they need to be

Thank you for being brave in the face of injuries & setbacks

Thank you for understanding that practices might come before family vacations

Thank you for your patience when practice runs long

Thank you for showing up to competitions, even when you are too nervous to actually watch

Thank you for encouraging your athlete to keep going when they needed the extra push

Thank you for the hours you have inevitably spent wondering what path is best for your athlete

Thank you for trusting your athlete’s coaches and your athlete themselves

Thank you for caring about your athlete’s happiness & well-being

Thank you for believing in your athletes


And ultimately… Thank you for your constant support


Through sports, YOU are providing your children with incredible life-lessons that will serve them well throughout the rest of their lives. Win or lose, they are building character directly because of your support & efforts.

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