You aren’t “normal.” And that’s a really good thing!

If you are a high level athlete, you are not normal. But who wants to be normal?

I wasn’t normal. I didn’t go to my high school prom… do you know why? I was competing at JO Nationals! How many people get to say that they can do that?

Looking back on it now, do I have a single regret that I didn’t go to my high school prom? No.

I was glad that I wasn’t normal. I’m still glad that I haven’t been normal. Normal is boring.

So put in the time, and keep this in mind when you’re struggling… When you are frustrated that you only have 30 minutes to yourself between school and homework and practice and trying to get to bed on time so that you can do it all again tomorrow.

You are doing this to stand out. You are doing this to be excellent.

It’s okay not to be normal. Trust me.

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